Delphi 1400cc fuel injector set (of 8) to suit Holden Commodore 6L

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Fuel injectors perform an important role in the accurate metering and atomisation of fuel. These electro-mechanical valves react in milli-seconds to open and close giving the electronic control unit optimal control over fuel flow to the engine.  Late design fuel injectors use “director plate” multi-orifice technology to better atomise fuel across various operating pressures. These injectors allow more flexibility in relation to operating pressures without compromising spray efficiency or fuel atomisation.

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This injector set (of 8) is flow matched and easy to tune, even at low pulse widths.  This set includes all plug & play connectors, and are compatible for E85, ethanol, methanol, and pump fuels.  They are modified Delphi to flow at 1400cc.  Flow matched to within 2{1f215e3cdffb842c3ffe2db1de710e78cd98532996548df15eda2c31d85841b8} of each other and comes with dead time chart to make programming the computer easier.

Brand : Delphi

Part Number : HP1400UH40X8

CC Rating : 1400cc

Ohms (Resistance) : High

Length (o-ring to o-ring) : 40mm (short length)

Top o-ring diameter : 14mm

Warranty : 12 months or 20,000km


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