Here at Websters Dyno & Performance, we are experts at unlocking the optimum performance of your vehicle. While we offer specialist performance upgrade packages for Holden, Ford, and other 4×4 models, we are able to provide our logbook servicing, dyno tuning, and injector cleaning services on all makes and model of performance vehicle.

Our quality workmanship and the services we provide allow you to retain your dealer warranty on new vehicles, and we are committed to only working with the best aftermarket brands in the industry, including Harrop, Haltech, and Magnuson.

We understand that maintaining and upgrading your performance vehicle can be expensive. With this in mind, we now work with now FINANCE, who can provide affordable vehicle loans that may be used to pay for servicing or upgrade work.

Ask us about now FINANCE when you call us or bring your car in for a quote to find out more.

Benefits of a now FINANCE vehicle loan:

  • $4,000 to $25,000 available from now FINANCE to cover the cost of your workIBoDah5QSQ-x-jWkmij8axchzANZ5ly97-Y4XndssN0
  • Websters Dyno and Performance will provide you with a full quote prior to contacting now
  • FINANCE so you only borrow what you need
  • Choose to cover some or all of the cost of your services with a now FINANCE vehicle loan
  • Enjoy your upgrades from Websters Dyno and Performance today and repay at a rate you choose
  • Choose to repay your now FINANCE vehicle loan over 18 – 60 months
  • Choose from weekly or fortnightly repayments
  • Enjoy a fixed, competitive interest rate and repayment amount
  • Simple application process with now FINANCE
  • now FINANCE will pay your loan direct to Websters Dyno and Performance

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