Logbook Servicing

Why get your vehicle serviced at Websters?

I was told when purchasing my car that I have to take my vehicle back to the dealer.

As long as a reputable and qualified technician completes the work as per the manufacturer’s logbook and uses genuine or correct parts and oils, no new car warranty can be void or refused. It’s a conflict of interest for any dealer to demand exclusive rights to the logbook servicing of a vehicle whilst under new car warranty, even if it is purchased from them.

Why would my dealership threaten my warranty if I go to an independent mechanic?

It’s simply about profit. Some brands are happy to sell cars for profits of less than $100 as they could make much more in finance, insurance, parts, servicing, and repeat business. Dealers understand that parts and servicing provide a stable income; servicing brings in twice as much money as new vehicle sales at a dealership level.

Dealerships specialise in my vehicle make, so they would be the experts. Right?

This is true when comparing typical workshops to the dealer, but not when comparing WDP to dealership technicians.

Because we modify many makes and models for a range of reasons (increasing the power, increasing torque, lowering fuel consumption to name just a few), we need to have a deeper understanding of these vehicles when compared to a dealership mechanic who is simply following a guideline to change the oil and filter. We have serviced models brand new out of the showroom, and modified them to have twice the power they came from factory. We modify the factory software to tune vehicles meaning we have access to information the factory mechanics don’t. Hence, we know these cars far better than the average dealership mechanic.

I’m still not sure, and don’t want to risk my warranty. What proof can you give me?

To go outside the authorized servicing net and still preserve your new car warranty, the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) state you need to meet these three fundamental conditions:

  1.  The person doing the job needs to be what the ACCC calls ‘qualified staff’ – in other words, a party or parties other than an authorized dealer who is capable of performing car servicing. The person who works on your car needs to be a qualified mechanic. At WDP, we only have qualified mechanics servicing our customer’s vehicles.
  2. The servicing needs to be done to what the ACCC calls ‘manufacturer’s specifications’. This means you need to get the service done when it’s due. Either the time or the distance – whichever comes first. And all the jobs specified by the manufacturer for that particular service need to get done. WDP always service vehicles in line with manufacturer’s specifications.
  3. The ACCC says both genuine and appropriate quality non-genuine parts are acceptable. So, genuine parts aren’t a warranty-preserving prerequisite. The issue here isn’t who manufactures the parts, but whether they’re fit for purpose. So, you don’t even need to use genuine parts – as long as the parts you do use are designed to do the job, and meet or exceed appropriate standards. WDP has access to both genuine and the best quality alternative aftermarket parts currently available. That means we can supply you the same or better products, at a better price than your dealer meaning you save even more. There’s no obligation on you to underwrite the dealer’s overheads by paying for premium-priced servicing, and your warranty is absolutely not jeopardized by going outside the net.

My dealership has offered me capped price servicing. What can WDP do?

Many dealerships are offering this these days to attempt to bring the profitable service cash back into their business, as many customers have wised up in recent years. In order to keep this profitable, the service items replaced and the inspection is kept to an absolute minimum. At Websters we don’t just do an oil change. We have a comprehensive vehicle maintenance program. Everything comes with a full vehicle inspection and maintenance report.