3″ catback exhaust system to suit Holden VE Sedan

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This Hurricane stainless steel 3″ catback exhaust system delivers a tough V8 note to give your VE 6L or 6.2L the idle you always wanted. Aggressive enough to be noticed, but not so over the top that it draws the wrong kind of attention or makes driving uncomfortable, the Hurricane 3″ catback delivers outstanding¬†performance and unmatched longevity thanks to the stainless T409 construction, guaranteeing you performance for years to come without booming or getting louder the older it gets.

A perfect addition to any performance package or as a stand alone modification, the catback is big enough to suit any other upgrades you are planning to surround it – whether it be a simple intake and tune, or supercharger or twin turbocharger upgrade for those really wanting to impress.

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