VCM OTR BUNDLE to suit Holden Commodore VE/VF V8

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The release of the Version 2 of the VCM OTR offers unrivalled quality and performance for your vehicle. The updated design insures only clean cool air makes its way into your engine.
The VCM OTR suits all 4th Generation V8 Commodore variants, from VE-VF, and WM-WN. This VCM OTR includes a fitting kit, fascia and infill panels. The fascia and infill panels make the OTR even more aesthetically pleasing, and the VCM design ensures it fits like a glove.  This kit comes as a complete MAF bundle.  If you are after a MAFLESS kit, you will also need to purchase a conversion kit also (available in the webstore also – click HERE).  If you are slightly mechanically minded, you will be able to fit the VCM OTR kit yourself – click HERE for a demo  However, your mechanic will be able to fit it in less than an hour, and complete with a tune, the results will amaze you.


We have been fitting these in our performance workshop since they’ve been on the market – we still rave about them. To get a true indication of the product, we fitted one to our own VE Commodore, and loved the results. They are a quality product with spare parts readily available. All they need is a clean and re-oil with the K&N filter cleaner every service, and you are on the road. We ran 2 filters so we could always have a clean one ready to go, but this is not required. Some might say it is overkill, but when you love the car you drive, you look after it.


Please note that (VF2) with the “sound enhancer” fitted will need the sound enhancer deleted totally.
This kit does not suit VF V6 – please click HERE for VCM OTR kits to suit
This kit does not suit VE V6 – sorry guys, no OTR options for you